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ITreets Technologies is a creative, professional digital solution branding and website design provider in chennai with more than eight years of experience. Our prime goal is to give the graphic with creativity at its best. We are building long term relationship with our clients to make good understanding. We evaluate, advise and determine the guidelines that will turn an initiative into a renowned brand.

We provide website design, branding, digital marketing and application development services in chennai. We offer a team of veteran developers, technical experts, and strategists who know the right questions to ask to get you on track with the right features, the perfect platform and the capacity to scale up your business.

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We have the right blend of talented web designers, skilled web developers, and a dedicated support team which has made us the most preferred web development company in Chennai.

Business Management

ITreet, in association with several organisations, has taken up the cause of promoting mass entrepreneurship. Such organisations include funding partners, service partners

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Reasons For Choosing Us

We Guide you from the backend

We always believe that we can produce unbeatable solutions if we collaborate with experts. We are a startup company with the collaboration of multiple highly-established firms. 

  • Expert consulting to launch your idea
  • Being a startup we know your pain points always happy to serve you the best
  • We are selling our reputation and not a product to the customers

Our team is multi-talented and proficient in their skills. We are always keen on your investment and we will not let you down. We trust our customer growth is our growth. We support you like a friend and guide you like your father in your business.

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We have provided premium web development services to a large clientele across multiple industries, enabling them leverage their potential, expand their market share and increase their turnover.









Service Provider

Legal Practitioners



Core Values

Web Design Services in Chennai


We constantly innovate on design, technology and application of the solutions to create unique websites.

Web Development Services Chennai


We are a well-qualified and competent web development company that can handle complex requirements with ease.


The major benefit of a static website is that it is fast to develop.

As there is no server-side back-end processing, there will be less surface area to attack, and no database is accessible to breach.

It is cheaper to develop than the dynamic websites. They are appropriate for companies run over a minimal budget.

Further, these static websites can easily acquire dedicated servers at a reasonable price with less efforts.

The transfer process from server to client are easy and quick for the static websites. They take relatively less processing time than that of the dynamic websites because of its simple structure.